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Crystal Cream

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Crystals bring out positive, energizing, calming vibrations,.

It helps promotes a peaceful heart, a healing body, and revitalized spirit.

We now offer all these amazing qualities in a cream for your whole body which can be used at anytime, day or night.

It reieves stress, strain while soothing irritability, keeping your mood in order, calming anger, fear, and anxiety.
It soaks up all negativity, and opens up your intuition.

Rose quartz-
Is the all about love and supporting emotional balance.
Sending out healing vibrations, this is an amazing healing crystal

Is know for it's attraction of abundance, helping to manifest wealth and prosperity
increases self-esteem and confidence
increases creativity and helps to keep postivie attitude

Each cream is infused with water basked in the new moon light

Also as a level 2 reiki practitioner
All creams recieve reiki to enhance its special healing properties
And keep all negativity away during travel

These creams are designed to improve your quality of life.

-How to use-
Use with good intentions
After a shower before you start your day, or before bed.
During the day at the office or running the kids around.
Anytime you need a pick me up

Apply to hands
Rub in and take a few deep breathes
Count to three and enjoy

-How to order-
In the comment section
Please indicate which cream you would like

May peace be with you