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100% Soy Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melt

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Our Gingerbread cookie wax melt brings the joy of the holidays to your home or special place.

Made with 100% soy wax

Our 6 cavity wax melt clamshell packs lots of fragrance and is topped with bio-glitter to bring sparkle and shine to your wax melt 

As it releases its scent you be delighted with the swirl of bio-glitter

How to use

Part of the desired amount (depending on the strength)
Place inside the wax warmer

Enjoy the sweet aroma

-To clean add a cotton ball to soak up the wax while melted

-Discard the cotton ball

-Wipeout any remaining wax

-Add more wax when you are ready 

Pair with one of our wax warmers